Grandslam Distances & Time Limit

Challengers must finish these Grandslam Distances in the same year, within specified time limit as follows:

  • Rinjani 100: 100KM 36 hrs
  • MPC: 100KM 25 hrs (Note: race cut off time is 32 hrs)
  • BTS100: 170KM 46 hrs
  • GP100: 150KM 60 hrs or 100KM 40 hrs


  • Ranking is based on shortest accumulative time in all races.
  • Challengers completed GP 150KM will be ranked higher than those completed GP 100KM, regardless of accumulative time above.

Exclusive Memorabilia

  • Successful Grandslam challengers will be awarded exclusive Grandslam Ultra Indonesia memorabilia.

Indonesian Challengers

  • In an effort to expose more local talents to international stage, the four races will jointly fund 3 (three) successful Indonesian challengers, to compete in the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) or Tor des Geants (TdG).
  • To be eligible for the TdG fund, challengers must run the 150KM in the Gede Pangrango 100.
  • Three selected recipients will be: Best Male, Best Female, and 1 Wildcard. All three recipients must complete all four Grandslam distances in one year.
  • For the Grandslam year of 2018, total fund awarded will be IDR 20.000.000 / recipient.
  • Fund will be available for each recipient for up to 3 (three) years, as long as the recipient, every year of those 3, always has sufficient qualification and submits application for the UTMB / TdG entry, and has proof that the application is not successful each time.

Liga Trail

  • Two additional ranking systems will be introduced.
  • Ultra: for distances 50KM and above.
  • Trail: for distances < 50KM.
  • Ranking will be based on a well-researched formula to calculate the standings based on distances, elevation, position & timing.

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